set off

set off
Synonyms and related words:
actuate, adjoin, adorn, allocate, allot, analogize, analyze, anatomize, appoint, appropriate to, array, assign, assign to, assimilate, atomize, atone for, backfire, balance, be at cross-purposes, be off, be opposed to, bear for, bear up for, bear up to, beautify, become one, bedeck, bedizen, befringe, bind, blast, blazon, blow out, blow up, border, bound, break for, bring into analogy, bring into comparison, burst, bust, change, chop logic, circulate, clash, color, compare, compare and contrast, compare with, conflict, conflict with, confront, contradict, contradistinguish, contrapose, contrast, contrast with, contravene, controvert, counter, counteract, counterbalance, countercheck, counterpoise, counterpose, countervail, counterweigh, counterwork, dandify, dash for, deck, deck out, decorate, demarcate, demark, destine, desynonymize, detail, detonate, difference, differentiate, discharge, discriminate, disequalize, disjoin, distinguish, diversify, divide, dizen, doll up, draw a comparison, draw a parallel, draw the line, dress, dress up, earmark, edge, embellish, emblazon, embroider, enframe, enkindle, enrich, equiponderate, explode, fate, fig out, fire, fix up, frame, fringe, fulminate, furbish, garnish, get off, glamorize, go for, go forth, go off, grace, gussy up, hem, hit for, individualize, individuate, issue, issue forth, juxtapose in opposition, kindle, lap, lay for, lay off, lay out, let off, light the fuse, liken, liken to, line, list, lot, make a distinction, make assignments, make for, make up, make up to, march, marge, margin, marginate, mark, mark off, mark out, mark out for, mark the interface, match, measure against, measure off, measure out, metaphorize, modify, offset, oppose, oppugn, ordain, ornament, outset, outstart, outweigh, pace off, paint, parallel, particularize, personalize, pick out, place against, play at cross-purposes, portion off, prank, prank up, preen, prettify, pretty up, primp, primp up, prink, prink up, purfle, purl, put forth, redecorate, redeem, redo, refine a distinction, refurbish, relate, reserve, restrict, restrict to, rim, rule off, run a comparison, run counter to, run for, sail for, sally, sally forth, schedule, screen, screen out, segregate, select, separate, set, set a limit, set apart, set aside, set forth, set forward, set in contrast, set in opposition, set off against, set out, set out for, set over against, sever, severalize, shoot, side, sieve, sieve out, sift, sift out, similize, skirt, smarten, smarten up, sort, sort out, spark, specialize, split hairs, spruce up, square, square up, start, start off, start out, steer for, step off, strike out, subdivide, subtilize, tag, titivate, touch off, trick out, trick up, trigger, trim, vary, verge, view together, weigh, weigh against, winnow

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • set-off — index counterclaim, drawback Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 set off …   Law dictionary

  • Set-off — n. [Set + off.] 1. That which is set off against another thing; an offset. [1913 Webster] I do not contemplate such a heroine as a set off to the many sins imputed to me as committed against woman. D. Jerrold. [1913 Webster] 2. That which is use …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • set off — vt: to reduce or discharge by set off: offset Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law. Merriam Webster. 1996. set off …   Law dictionary

  • Set-off — can refer to the following:* Set off (law), the reduction of a claim by deducting the amount of a valid countervailing claim* Set off (architecture), the horizontal line shown on a floorplan indicating a reduced wall thickness, and consequently… …   Wikipedia

  • set–off — / set ˌȯf/ n 1: the reduction or discharge of a debt by setting against it a claim in favor of the debtor; specif: the reduction or discharge of a party s debt or claim by an assertion of another claim arising out of another transaction or cause …   Law dictionary

  • set|off — «SEHT F, OF», noun. 1. a thing used to set off or adorn; ornament; decoration. SYNONYM(S): trimming. 2. something that counterbalances or makes up for something else; compensation; offset. 3. a) …   Useful english dictionary

  • set off — ► set off 1) begin a journey. 2) cause (a bomb or alarm) to go off. 3) serve as decorative embellishment to. Main Entry: ↑set …   English terms dictionary

  • set-off — setˈ off noun 1. A claim set against another 2. A crossclaim which partly offsets the original claim 3. A counterbalance 4. An ornament 5. A contrast, foil 6. A setting forth 7. An offset (architecture and printing) • • • …   Useful english dictionary

  • set-off — the ability to discharge or reduce a debt by applying a counter claim between the same parties. For example, a bank which has lent money to a debtor may attempt to satisfy some or all of the loan by seizing the debtor s deposits at the bank… …   Glossary of Bankruptcy

  • set off — verb 1. put in motion or move to act (Freq. 4) trigger a reaction actuate the circuits • Syn: ↑trip, ↑actuate, ↑trigger, ↑activate, ↑spark off, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

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